5×5 Weighted Dips

[rest 5 min]

Tabata GHD

[rest 1 min]

Tabata Hip Extension


scaling variations

  • Scale UP from your normal dip (ie-if you do regular dips try ring dips, if you use a band, use a lighter one. Make it harder)
  • Anchored Situps
  • Air Squats


Post loads, LOWEST rep, & any variations to Comments



The 30’s

3 rounds with 2 min rest between

30 sec on:30 sec off, 30 sec on:25 sec off, 30 sec on:20 sec off, 30 sec on:15 sec off, 30 sec on:10 sec off, 30 sec on:5, 30 sec on:rest for next round


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