Warm Up & S&C

Make up from the day you missed


Time Trial, choose distance according to goal race


SC: 1.5 miles

LC: 5 miles

UC: 10 miles

Goal, fastest possible time

Post distance & time to Comments

5 thoughts on “Saturday 11.01.29

  1. Used Thur WOD’s my scaling was:
    12 min AMRAP
    5 Pike Pushups
    10 Good Mornings (65 lbs)
    15 Box Jumps (24″)

    5 rounds 5 Pike Pushups

  2. S.C. 1.5 mile 13:00. Not exact on the distance, probably 1.6 but I’ll use the same mailbox on my road for my 1.5 mile course turnaround so I can measure my progress. Looking forward to learning “how” to run.

    1. Nice Steve. I’ve kinda gone the same route as far as accuracy in measurement. If I use the same course, piece of gear, etc then that is my measurement. Who cares if it’s not exactly 1.5 miles, or 56 lbs, etc. If my work done improves then my fitness is improving.

      Keep at it, and I’m looking forward to helping you learn to run.

  3. 5 miles of muddy, slick rock trails
    Spring Creek Trail, 60 degrees outside, beautiful
    34:38, my completely unmeasured are splits:
    5:39 Road
    13:53 Sink Hole
    5:10 Access Road
    6:10 “Field” turn
    3:44 end

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