Warm Up & S&C

Make up from missed day


Tempo 80-85%

Run at 80-85% RPE, choose distance according to race goal

SC: 1.5 miles

LC: 5 miles

UC: 10 miles

This is a tempo run, goal is to keep a consistent pace through entire duration.

Compare to last weeks TT.

2 thoughts on “Saturday 11.02.05

  1. Did the Endurance WOD on Sun. Tried to keep about an 8min pace. No idea if I did. Same trail as last week. Little cooler, but not much different environmentally.

    Last week:
    34:38, my completely unmeasured are splits:
    5:39 Road
    13:53 Sink Hole
    5:10 Access Road
    6:10 “Field” turn
    3:44 end

    This week:
    37:58, splits:
    6.08 Road
    15.30 Sink Hole
    5.31 Access road
    6.32 ‘Field’ turn
    4.14 end

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