Deadlift 5×2 @ 85% 1rm


3x5min AMRAP with 2min rests between efforts

1 Power Clean

1 Push Press

2 Power Clean

2 Push Press

3 Power Clean

3 Push Press….

continue in this manner until the 5min is up, repeat for a total of 3 sets of 5min work intervals.

1st set RX is 135/105lbs

2nd set RX is 115/85lbs

3rd set RX is 95/65lbs

Goal is to match or beat previous set’s number of rounds/reps

5 thoughts on “Friday 11.05.13

  1. I think Coach Speed has some pent-up anger issues that he is in denial about. I do believe an intervention is in order. Can I borrow your taser bro?

    1. Whoa! No anger issues, just my job to make sure all of you are getting after it.

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