Your trainer/coaches have been trying out a little bit of a new programming style, a-la CrossFit Endurance.  One of the biggest changes will be in how the supplemental endurance WOD’s will be posted. The second, and more important, is the posted Scaling for the WOD. For some of you these will be the mandatory movements/rep schemes. We need to build from the base/basics, we’ll get into the advance stuff in due time.

Take note: YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING ALL OF THE WOD’s POSTED!!!  It is extremely easy to over do it, so seek guidance in how to implement our programming to gain the results YOU want.
Remember, in the great words of Dutch Lowy “Harder (or more) isn’t better, better is better.”



Squat Clean 95/65lbs
Double Unders

Don’t forget, Monday July 4th we will have only one class.  09:00am We have a nice special WOD planned, the more the merrier, so bring a friend or two!!

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