I know I know, I’m supposed to get you a newsletter to inspire and inform. Who would have thought moving wouldn’t leave time to write.
It is in the works, you will see it by weeks end, pinkie swear.

Nuts & Bolts:
The 1st Sherry’s Run practice is today, Tues Aug 2nd. We are meeting at the track beside Wilson Bank on W. Main & Castle Heights. 6:00pm!! Show up, get some good interval work in, and learn to run better. We’ll see you there.

The functional fitness, aka CrossFit style, program is still in full effect. Kurt is posting WoD’s over at Warrior Athletics and still running them at IMA with a slight change in schedule.
M-F 5:30am & 9:00am
M, W, F 6:00pm
S 8:30am

So keep getting after it and we will see you at one of the workouts.

One thought on “Tue 11.08.02

  1. Hey Ryan,
    We are having some unexpected company drop in on their way across the country. I’ll miss tomorrow’s run. Are you going to post what you are going to do. I’m off tomorrow so I might just run up to IMA for the 9:00 am wod and jog home.

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