Well I finally had a chance to get out and explore the new neighborhood. I’ve found that removing myself from the car bubble, putting “boots” on ground and doing some interactive exploration is the best way to learn my way around & find those interesting little gems you would otherwise miss.
I have a hard time with leisurely strolls and “relaxing” physical activities. (As if being a CrossFitter & UltraRunner didn’t already point that out.) So after taking the dogs for a stroll I got a workout in while exploring the new surroundings.
The point of all this? We should have fun. We workout and exercise to better our quality of life, NOT to create more “To Do’s”. So find ways to “play” while increasing your work capacity.

Go for a walk with kids, dogs, neighbors, spouse.
Find a playground and run yourself through an obstacle course, race the kids if you’ve got them around.

8-12 30sec sprints w/ 30sec rests between
The goal is to keep FORM & TECHNIQUE through the entire 30sec.
So if you feel yourself working too hard, slow down a little & recheck: Pose-Fall-Pull

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