Despite the impending storm we had a couple of hard chargers show up bright and early Saturday morning, ready to build a bigger gas tank. Neither had time to run the 30:30 WOD earlier in the week so we decided to do another interval workout. And yes, it was Death by 10m.
But of course before we got into killing ourselves we did some warming up and running drills.
400m jog
100m Sprint, 100m easy walk x2
Butt Kicks & Karaoke
100m Sprint, 100m easy walk x2

All about the lean aka the “Fall”.
1. Charlie’s Angels gun pose for 10m tight then loose
*shows how keeping a tight core keeps from wasting energy & allows you to lean from the ankles. Otherwise you lean forward at the waist.
2. Wall Drills – leaning into a wall practice foot pulls. Run in place feeling yourself falling forward. Turn and run 10 – 20m.

“Death by 10m”
Set a pair of cones 10m apart. From cone to cone = 1rep, these are “touch & goes”. Every minute on the minute run, adding 1rep each minute, rest the remainder of the minute ie min1 run 1rep : rest remainder of min, min2 run 2reps : rest remainder of min, min3 run 3reps : rest remainder of min. Ensure you touch the ground/line with each reps before sprinting back to the other line.
You continue until you can not complete the required number of reps in the allotted minute. Goal is to complete as many rounds as possible.

Cooper – just 1m shy of completing 14rounds!
Sean – made it through 15rounds and pushed hard to get 16 but ended up about 15m shy of it!

Great job guys, now the rest of you get out there and see how far you can make it. Iceland Annie, The recently crowned fittest women in the world completed 19rounds the first time she tried it.

Post results to comments.

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