This post was started yesterday, Sun the 7th of Aug. But I suppose calling today Day 1 also works. I’ve always viewed my training weeks from a Mon – Sun stand point, so Mon the 8th day of the 8th month can be Day 1, yesterdays workout will just have to be .75 or something.

So anyway….

Moving is done, sorta. There’s still things to be organized & gone through but all in all we are settled in.
It’s nice to have a little more space and a new place to explore. BUT the moving, the thinking about all of the business and personal decision we had to make all of that leant to a few plus weeks of very poor training & eating. And I was feeling it.

Marino had been struggling with similar training issues. Lots of family, personal, and career decisions had to be made which started causing that stress induce havok on his training & diet.

So last week I got the diet back under control & yesterday was the 1st official workout, with a warm up and everything. Marino has been cleaning up his food intake and coming up with some nice playground/park WOD’s for a couple of weeks now. We decided to help hold each other responsible & give support where needed.
Because real friends kick each other in the ass once in awhile, even if it’s just over the interweb.

Sunday 11.08.07
Warm Up:
800m jog
5min jump-rope practice
Nephew wrestling

For time:
800m Run
800m Run

11.04 – PURE conditioning on that one. Not entirely sure what distance I ran, it was around our block. Kept my splits to reference once I get on a track
800m – 2.35
Burpees/DU’s – 5.39
800m – 2.49

Cool Down:
Walk around the block
Conversation & beer with brother & sister-in-law

Thanks Pat for the WOD, it was a good one to kick start myself with.

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