The Wizard of Oz seems to pop in & out of my life. I have read the book, listened to the audio version and of course seen the movie. The movie version is what sticks in my head, it was my introduction to the story line and the one I have had contact with the most. So normally when I think of the Wizard of Oz it’s in terms of the movie. (That’s the disclaimer to any purest’s out there.)

The other day I was walking the dogs and quite literally ran into a lion & a tin man. If you want the details, come down, buy me a beer & I’ll tell you all about it. So as I got back home I realized that once again I’m in store for another Oz lesson.

I planned on going for a run today, finding a park, doing a little parkstyle workout and jogging home. I found my “trail”, it was a paved path and once I found an access point to it I wasn’t quite sure which way I was supposed to go. I choose right.

Even though it wasn’t a trail it still put me in the middle of some greenery and along side a shallow creek. Getting me away from cars, traffic intersections, and hard sidewalks is always a plus. So I cruised along and came out of a tunnel (yep there’s tunnels, not too creepy) and was not where I expected to be.

I moved up a little further and accessed the situation. Luckily I had stared at a map & driven around enough to know where I WAS at. I realized I should have gone left to get where I planned to go, but I did know where I was at.

I had a choice you see. I could continue on the path I had already chosen and see how things panned out or I could turn around a follow the plan.
I went forward.

Forward led me to CrossFit Murfreesboro, a big green-emerald building with many new people to meet and it’s own set of tasks to accomplish.

Moral: follow your yellow brick road fearlessly, it is bound to bring you somewhere interesting

Warm Up:
Roughly 2miles of jogging, walking, wondering if I’m going the right way. Then:
5reps each-
Calorie Row
Wall Ball
Box Jump
Toes to Bar
Push Press

Final WOD of the 2011 CrossFit Games. The Chipper
For time:
20 Calorie Row
30 Wall Balls 20lbs
20 Box Jump 24″
30 Toes to Bar
20 SDHP 2pood KB
30 Burpees
20 Shoulder to OH 135lbs

16:58 RX’d except for Shoulder to OH, that was done at 115lbs
I knew I didn’t need to push too hard, moved through everything steady minimize rest.

Cool Down:
Jog back home, then hanging out with the puppies

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