For those of you that missed Tuesday’s workout – shame on you! Hopefully you’re making sure to get out some other time of the week to get it in.

So what we’re going to day is post all the skill work & the different workouts for the week. DO NOT try and do all this in one day. Spread it out, allow for recovery. Remember: put a stimulus on the body, allow it to recover. That’s how you improve, not by beating yourself into submission.

The Pull-practice jogging in place with single foot pulls x5, switch leg & repeat. You should be activating those hamstrings!
The Fall-lean into some sort of upright, a post, a wall, a family member. Practice the pull as above, then run in place leaning against your object. Continue running, turn, and feel the fall.

Short Interval:
4-6x 400m w/ 1min rests
Goal is to move as fast as possible while keeping all intervals with in 2-3sec
Scaling: use 200m instead of the 400m

Long Interval:
2-4x 1Mile w/ 5-7min rests
Goal is all out efforts for each of these, aka Time Trials. Try to make each one a little faster. Once you hit a “slower then before” interval you are done.
Scaling: There is none, just stop once your interval is slower then the one before.

Have fun, go hard, and recover well.

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