Well I’m on the road, heading to Cleveland to guest spot in my other line of work, tattooing. I stopped because it’s feeding time.
Being on the road is the best excuse to eat poorly, so I made it a point to challenge myself to stay as primal as possible over the next 2 weeks. I packed a cooler with some grub but realistically we didn’t have a whole lot of protein in the house when I left. What to do?
Upon hitting a Strarbucks for an Americano, I spied a McDonalds. Gasp! But, they serve grilled chicken, I have a bowl of greens in my cooler, and it’ll be quick.
For the cost of 2 grilled chicken sandwiches sans bun & mayo I could have bought a pound of high quality roast beef at the local grocery. But I don’t know where that is.
So as I sit eating my palette chicken watching the same shaped persons drive up to the window & order dinner order dinner in a bag I think about our indoctrination of convenience.
We are a culture that puts convenience at the top of our priorities, the only reason I’m sitting here is watching this display of American evening ritual is out of convenience.
Dont be that guy.
The challenge is to find one thing that you know you do out of convenience & change it. Find the BEST way to do it, not the easiest.

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