We are in the final stages of Sherry’s Run, two weeks until everyone is toeing the line. This is going to be the last week of hard training. next week we will taper just a little, giving you the drive to go out and run hard on the 9th of Sept.

The programming for the week goes like this: Choose one workout, per day, spread out evenly through the week. Make your TimeTrial day an off day from any other workouts. Make sure you’re getting your Strength & Conditioning in over at IMA & Warrior Athletics. It will help keep those running prone areas loose and supple. Last but not least, MOBILITY WORK!!!! Do it, it is as important as working out. In fact, when you’re sitting there thinking “Man I need to go get a few miles in, I haven’t ran enough”; when you think that go do some Mobility Work. Here’s a link, LOTS of good stuff on this page.


8-12min of 100m on the minute

  • All out efforts
  • Do a minimum of 8 rounds. If your times are running fairly consistent with times only gradually getting slower then go ahead and do another 2 – 4 rounds


4-6x 5min w/ 90sec rests

  • Goal is to keep pacing as consistent as possible. Use the same course and do as Out and Backs.
  • Perform a good warm up of 800m jog, rest 1min, then 3 x 100m sprints w/ 1min rest. Rest until heart rate back to normal, about 3-5min.
  • Do on terrain similar to Race Course.
  • If you’re feeling good, have been recovering well all week, eating good, sleeping proper. IF you meet ALL these criteria, rest as long as it took you to run the first mile then go at it again, beating your time.

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