Less can equal more.

Let me pre-amble this with an apology. Apparently I told Word Press to publish this two different times without it being finished first. It’s done now.

So, here we are. Another rest day upon us and time for a bit of reflection and projection. Yeah, I think I may just may coin that cheesy phrase.

Reflect upon what was accomplished the last training micro cycle & then use that to project what we can accomplish in the next one(s).

So, what was accomplished?

I managed a run workout, a MetCon, and a pseudo strength WOD (pseudo strength because I still only have my KB’s, so there hasn’t been any low rep HEAVY lifting going on). I also managed my recovery by making sure some form of Mobility work was accomplished & sleep was a priority.

RUN – Mon 11.10.24 – This was a mid afternoon, beautiful weather, need to get outside and move my body workout. I had spent the earlier part of the day measuring, plotting, planning, and generally using lots of brain work. The run was perfect, no watch, water bottle, or other distractions.No thinking, just moving.

I have finally found a good trail 5k for myself. The note in my journal “I’ve found my 5k TT!” It’s perfect. Sections of very technical rock-hop running, a bit of elevation gain and loss, stretches of rolling single track, and all clearly defined. This will be one of the markers of improvement I keep.

METCON – Tue 11.10.25 – CF Mainsite had a WOD of 21-15-9, KB Snatches & Pull-ups the other day. Perfect! Right in line with the type of metcons I’m looking at doing. No pull-up bar yet so I went with push-ups. One, because I have the equipment to do them (my body and the ground) and two because I’m actually pretty weak at the pushing movements. It worked out well.


  • Left Arm KB Snatch 16kg
  • Right Arm KB Snatch 16kg
  • Push-ups

my time: 5:47

STRENGTH Wed 11.10.26 – I wanted to just move something heavy. What does Robb Wolf say? Just lift some heavy weights. I went with over head squats to work those core & shoulder stabilizers, then the two handed snatch for a little explosiveness.

  • 2×10 each arm OH Squat with KB @ 24kg
  • 3×10 each arm OH Squat with KB @ 24kg
  • 3×12 two handed KB Snatch @ 24kg
That’s what “training” looked like in the physical world. Mentally it was just nice to be moving around in a consistent manner. Making sure I didn’t become too lathargic.  I’m stil working figuring out where I NEED to be.  It’s easy to become obsessed and feel like we have to go go go all the time. After running RedFlag consistently for 6 months I was burnt out and needed a break. That break gave me time to reflect on WHY I train, and WHAT that training should look like. But that is another blog post, suffice to say, I’ve realized that health and longevity is the quick why. The what it looks like part I’m still working on. Especially considering my goal(s) tend to not overlap very far with one another. And that too is another post.
As always, post times, weights, thoughts, and musing to Comments.

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