I’ve spent the better part of the morning staring at your newest sibling. As I sit and watch her sleep I can’t help but remember when I first met you.

Getting off a plane you were waiting for me- little, squirmy, and beautiful. Uncontrolled staring while we drove to the house. More staring as we sat on the couch. Me in absolute wonder.

Watching you sleep, I a fresh, gung-ho Marine Grunt and you this tiny new born baby who had me scared to death. I was absolutely terrified & 100% in love with this new little person, with you.

Staring at Lucy this morning I’ve had very similar feelings. How can you love someone this much? How am I going to take care of her? An impossibly large task and such a tiny creature!

You however have taught me some things, you have given me ground to stand on and perspective to see with. Because of you when I look at her I also wonder who is she going to be? What will she become? You see, watching you grow up, become a man has been just as excitingly nerve racking as that day I met you. Watching you learn, evolve, and start to figure out what kind of a life you want, that has been as amazing as staring at you when you were 5 days old.

So as I stare at her I’m not only terrified, I am in wonder of what things she will teach me. I’m in wonder of how charmed my life is to have a third beautiful baby to get to know, to teach, to love, to watch grow.

I hope I can give her 1/2 of the joy you have given me.

I love you

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