I’ve been contemplating next year’s training. What are my goals? What do I want my training to look like? How much time do I (realistically) have to train? But most importantly the major question has been: What do I believe?

What do I believe when it comes to training? As blasphemous as this may sound, I believe there has to be some specificity in training. Yes, yes, I know. What about CrossFit & constant variance? What about short hard HIIT type work to reap the benefits of working anaerobically while gaining much of the same benefits of longer slower aerobic work? What about the last two years of your training?

I believe that a CrossFitesque style

(disclaimer: my personal definition of a CrossFit style of programming comes from a note I took during my Lvl 1 Course – “Make the bread and butter of your programming couplets & triplets. Make them short and hard. Sprinkle in strength specific work. Keep It Simple Stupid” )

of working out will give you a beautiful foundation to build on. It creates a well rounded true full body fitness. Over all I feel better than I ever did. The problem is it becomes really easy to lose yourself in chasing down many opposing goals. It’s easy to lose focus if your goal isn’t just to be a better CrossFitter, which mine isn’t.

This takes us back to the first question. What are my goals? I’ve been saying for some time that my goal is to run a 100Mile race. I realized this isn’t really true. I don’t want to just run a 100Mile race, I want to be competitive. I want to be fast. I want to race a 100Mile race. I’m not saying I want to win, but I want to feel like I could.

So how do I get to that point? A point of being able to not only complete, but compete in that mythical distance. Specificity of training is the way. I believe that I need to use that foundation I’ve created over the last two years and build on it, specifically towards that goal.

I guess what I really believe is to improve you have to decide what your GOAL is. If it’s to be a better CrossFitter, work towards that. If it’s to climb a mountain, squat over 600lbs, get a 150kg+ Snatch, or race a 100Miles, work towards it. But remember, it’s going to take some specificity of training.

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