What insights did I find this week? I’m not sure. I guess the biggest stand out is balance. Trying to navigate that balance beam of effort vs reward. Too much effort leaves us burned out, but not enough and there’s no stimulus for adaptation.

It’s not only your training load but the amount of “work” your job, family, and home life require. Balance remember. I only trained for a total of 4:30:00 hours this week. But I feel like it was 3x that. Between a wonderful newborn in the house and the self imposed up tick at work it’s harder and harder to find time to train without feeling like I’m over doing it. My rule of thumb: if I don’t feel I could do the workout twice, back-to-back, I wont do it or I greatly adjust it.

This helps me keep to a semi training schedule while allowing for the variances my home and work life create. By keeping an eye on the big goal, be competitive at 100 Mile distance, I can make decisions as to what is going to benefit me most at this stage of training. Key point is to know where you are at in your training. Right now, I’m in a building phase, slow progressive accumulation of miles is the main focus now.

I wanted to get 4 run workouts and 2 weight training sessions in this week, but the amount of sleep required to recover from that volume of work didn’t happen. So I skipped one of the weight training sessions opting to rest so I wouldn’t have to miss a run workout. The thinking being I want to build a volume of base miles now. The weight training is supplemental, cross training to keep the body balanced.


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