Alright here’s the nitty-gritty. My starting point. 30 days from now we will revisit. It will be telling because Feb 15th I’ll just be getting home from a week on the road. Which is good, since this is all about shifting of the paradigm.

Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body coined the term Physical GPS. I like it, makes sense. It requires taking measurements of various body parts to get a Total Inches (TI) reading and a Body-fat %. Weight doesn’t really factor into this, it’s an arbitrary number, other than to find an estimate of your Body-fat % it’s really unimportant. What is important is how the weight is distributed across your frame and how much Body-fat is being carried around.

I don’t have the ability to use any of the Body-fat testing methods recommend by Ferris, so I used a couple of different sources online. Start today, no excuses. I’ll use the same exact ones when these measurements are revisited. Apples to Apples

Total Centimeters (I like the metric system, feels more accurate)

345.5 cm

  • Right Bicep 26.7
  • Right Thigh 54.6
  • Left Bicep 29.9
  • Left Thigh 54.6
  • Waist at navel 84.2
  • Hips at widest point 95.5

Estimated body fat:

Height 172.72 cm, Weight 74.8 kg




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