I seem to constantly complicate my life in what I always think is an effort to create simple clarity. I tried starting a Skarfing Project in Tumblr, to help track my food intake. I had an online training log, super detailed because well that’s how I’m going to know how I’m doing. On and on and on. There’s a constant mess of folders, accounts, journals, and random info that I’m super dedicated to, for a time.
Then like a dog, I see a squirrel and chase the hell out of it, forgetting the ball that just a moment ago was soooooo absolutely important.
The lesson? For something to stick with me it has to be real. It has to be convenient to use, require a minimum of effort, and it has to have purpose (ie “real”).
Through all my various tracking schemes I’ve learned that I am not the über analytical type. I like to think I am, but I’m not. The more info I try to collect, the harder it gets, the sooner I end up abandoning it to chase another squirrel.
So I’ve done a bit of thinking, trying to decide what is the bare minimum info I should collect to help move myself forward. With that in mind I had to think about where I am vs where I want to be. I came up with a few thoughts.
I do know that I need to get my food intake back in check. I do know my “training” has been non-existent for a man that supposedly plans on running a trail marathon in May, much less says he wants to race 100Miles. I do believe goals help keep us from spinning our wheels and losing track. I do know that I truly believe physical health is a direct correlative to mental health and happiness.
Here on this blog I’m starting my AutoBot project, because I want public accountability for the beginning of my “transformation”, and well Jen totally has a crush on Optimus Prime. Each post will be quick and to the point. The only equipment needed is my phone, which I have on me 90% of the time.
I want to take the next 30days to reprogram myself to constantly operate at a better level. To create a new Paradigm for my life.
  • http://redflagathletics.com/category/speedstraining/autobot/ is where I’ll be posting
  • I will post daily picture food log with notes.
  • I will post weekly activities log.
    • Since running is my focus you’ll be able to find detailed running log at my Garmin Connect account (it automatically downloads from my device). I’m still trying to figure out where anyone will be able to view it. When I do I’ll post it online.
  • It will start with photos of me, and some measurements. These are a “physical GPS” according to Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Body. At the end of the 30 days I will remeasure, and we will all see how far I traveled.
This is the simplest, quickest way I can think of to keep track of what I am doing, keep myself accountable, and hopefully inspire others while not getting distracted by another squirrel. I’m officially abandoning all other tracking methods. A daily food log of pictures, a weekly activity post, any detailed running info will be on the Garmin.
I encourage you all to follow along, participate yourselves, keep your physical GPS data private if you wish.  I want to emphasize, this is NOT a 30day challenge, this is a paradigm shift.

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