I’m not “trying” to get you to eat meat. I’m not the preachy type, I honestly don’t care what people do when it comes to health & fitness.
 I do care about loved ones, and I do like helping people who are trying to help themselves. That’s the key, helping oneself and not sitting around waiting for someone to do it for you. Which you’re obviously doing, the helping yourself part.
I get frustrated with people when they ask for advice, they’re given it, then they try to debate, argue, and/or find loop holes that allow them to continue operating under the same habits. Why ask for advice? Your habits got you to where you are, trying to force a better health paradigm into those same habits isn’t going to work.
To me it’s simple:
Are you happy?
Yes – keep doing what you’re doing
No – Do you want to be?
Yes – change something
No – keep doing what you’re doing
Our (I mean this nations) current health and fitness profile is shit. We are constantly inundated with contradicting advice, quick fix schemes, and an “it shouldn’t be hard attitude”. FUCK THAT  Our food, fitness, & health industries are FOR PROFIT, giving the advice that benefits them, constantly throwing out new terms for the same things etc and so on. I’ll stop before I do really get preachy. You get the point. right?
Well I decided I want to be happy, which to me means being healthy and free. How to get healthy in a land that seems obsessed with it but lacks the tools to actually get anyone there for the long haul. Fortunately in the “quest” I came across some (at the time) underground stuff.
CrossFit & Paleo
They were talking a very different dialogue then the rest of the fitness & health world. So I asked myself:
“Is the current standards of health, fitness, and nutrition working?”
“Doesn’t seem to be” was my answer.
I decided to give it a shot, try it out because it didn’t cost me anything to change some of my habits. And it’s working. I’ve learned tons about food and exercise and the fallacies of so many standard recommendations. And I am willing to share any of that information, when the person asking is actually trying to help themselves.
But it’s never a quick fix. We (the nation) are in the very poor health & fitness state we’re in because the last 60 years we have slowly created habits that are absolutely antithetical to being healthy & fit. In order to get ourselves to a place that we will be running around chasing our grand-children and enjoying a true quality of living in the 2nd half of our lives we have to change the habits created over the 1st half.
That’s the hard part. Understanding and excepting that most of what we have been taught is wrong. Understanding that we have to change our daily habits. Understanding that you basically have to change just about EVERYTHING you do in your quest for health.
Hard I know, but the good news is that it’s fairly simple in execution. Just start small. Make the decision to change certain eating behaviors, stick to that for a week, a month, then make another change. Small steps. A full frontal assault into an exercise regime that beats your body down with no ramp up is going to leave anyone not conditioned in a state of inevitable failure. Start with small steps and slowly gear up to being able to do more and do it faster.
Week 1
Cut out grains for breakfast
Walk 20min every other day, do some body weight exercises if you’re feeling froggy a couple of time this week.
Week 2
Cut out grains breakfast and lunch
Walk 20min every other day, lift some heavy shit (The term heavy shit is very technical it means something becomes relatively hard to pick up, push, or throw after a few sets of a few reps.) twice a week, continue or start doing some bodyweight stuff.
Week 3
Cut out grains all together
Walk 20min every other day, lift some heavy shit twice a week, chase the dog or kids (& I mean really chase them) >10min once a week
That’s it. small steps
That’s my thought process, start with steps that you can handle. Build on them, don’t let yourself fall back into your old habits. Simple
A list of “required” reading, because if you’re serious you have to educate. The purpose of learning is so we can question what we know and conduct critical thinking on said subject.
These are in the order that I read them, actual haven’t read Sisson’s full book yet, just his 21 Day Transformation.

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