Mon 16.01.12
AM 20min walk with dogs

Tue 17.01.12
AM 15min walk with dogs

Wed 18.01.12
AM Long walk with Jen & Lucy, then another walk with dogs

Tues’ food intake makes a good point on carbs/sugars and their inability to keep one satiated. I waited until late in the morning, about 11:30, until I ate anything and it was very light. Then I consumed, dumplings in my wonton, and rice. This lead me into the downward spiral of popcorn & Laurabars. While not Snickers & icecream I still went to bed feeling hungry.
Mon & Wed have left me much better off, simply by reducing the amount of starchy grain based carbs.

Thu 19.01.12
Rough day. Emotionally draining. Unintentional fast until noon, broken with a few bites of Thai.
No intentional moving (aka exercise)

Fri 20.01.12
Should have gotten up and went for a run, but I didn’t. Ended up running behind if anything. No intentional movement, bad 2 days in a row.

Sat 21.01.12
Yet another day of no intentional moving. I’m pretty sure I need to take functionally fit & ultra runner out of the description of myself.
Rough night last night, storm had us up, couldn’t force myself out of bed in the morning.

Sun 22.01.12
Another day of little to no intentional movement. Yard work was it. Alarm set for an AM run. 16 weeks starts tomorrow.

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