Hahahaha. I’ve been unsurprisingly absent in here lately. Such a list of things to do. I said I would remeasure my Physical GPS mid Feb, give workout updates etc and so on.

I haven’t done these things. Which actually poses a good point. When I’m being consistent, I’m consistent all the way around. When I’m not, I’m not.

All or nothing kinda of mind-set that I’m trying to hone.

Well, I was challenged by two close friends to sudo-participate in TheGames. Jim Marino down at CrossFit Enfuego convinced me by reminding me it’s a good way to create a milestone. Something to look back on and see either progress or regression.
Pat Gleba convinced me by doing it. He’s in the same boat as me, was going strong at one point but kinda fell off the rails. He’s now getting back on the horse. Leading by example.

So, thank you both. Because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this if it wasn’t for you.

WOD 12.1
No video, conducted in a hotel gym, smacking the ceiling for range of movement standard
AMRAP 7min
Score: 87 burpees

WOD 12.2

The set-up

The shout-out (Marino deserved to be in here too, but I just kept thinking about Pat doing this twice, making me feel like I better do it at least once.)

The work. Maybe next time I’ll use some editing and shorten the time frame, fast forwarding through. Gets boring watching someone suffer.

Score: 65 reps, at the “girls” weight.

Yeah remember back talking about honestly assessing oneself. My assessment left me with the realization that I’m week. It’s okay, I’ve accepted it for now. It’ll change. So for now, my scaling is going to be using “girls” standards.

As for The Open, they just posted Workout 12.3 last night, should be fun.

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