(This post was originally written on 12.11.06)

Strawberry Picnic Winter

As the world settles back enjoying the approach of the holidays and the end of the year most can’t help but see things as ending. The knowledge that winter fast approaches and with it the urge to hybernate, to stay inside and huddle around the fire wraps around us like comforting blanket. Much of life is closing down for the year.

But we all know that it really isn’t ending. Just this cycle of time. It is coming to completion and rolling into the next. As fall and our calendar year end we just roll into winter and another year of possibilities.

Possibilities that’s what I’m interested in.

Possibilities mean the unknown, they mean a little bit of adventure, they mean living!

Our program is about possibilities. We want to help you not only achieve the goals you already have, but to realize the dreams you didn’t realize you had.

Like life, we believe in Cycles. Our lives aren’t always easily organized as a 16 week training plan. Often life throws things into our laps that derail our plans, making our start and finish very arbitrary. Because of this we work in cycles, rolling from one focus into another keeping our eye on the big goal – To be better then we were yesterday.

Take a look at our FAQ and terminology page, it will explain much about how to do the workouts posted. Or better yet make it to one of our meet-ups, they’ll be scheduled soon. We look forward to helping you become better then you knew you could.

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