(This post was originally written 12.10.24, that’s Oct 24, 2012 for the uninitiated)

Pine Lane Trail Fall

This is where today’s run began. Starting at Pine Lane Trailhead I made my way to Boston Store, traversing a few creeks, avoiding many mud pits, and keeping an eye on what was ahead of me on the trail. All the while keeping my intensity minimal, slowly warming up and really enjoying my surroundings.
At Boston Store I refilled my water bottle and continued on. Heading towards Blue Hen Falls I turned up the intensity. Pushing up and over what felt like a couple never-ending hills I was rewarded with a spectacular view of the falls on my rest before turning around for my second work interval.
The leg back to Boston store was “easier”.  Since I had just traveled outbound on the trail I knew what I was in for on my return trip. Such as the trail conditions and where the sneaky intersection is that can be too easily missed. I had a little more confidence on this leg of the journey. Allowing me to push even harder.
Once at Boston Store I topped of the water bottle again.  Although I was on the homeward stretch there was still some work to be done. Taking the towpath back towards Peninsula I knew the “trail” was flat and fast. What I didn’t know was the exact mileage.
Because of my relaxed outbound running, then the gradual build up of intensity, I was confident that I could really push hard, even though I wasn’t sure just  how far it would be. And I did push, all the way into the red zone. Lungs burning, heart thumping, repeating to myself just to that tree over and over again until I reached Peninsula.
After running that last leg, as I jogged up the 303 hill, I realized that I had spent the last couple of hours creating a micro version of exactly the kind training experience I want for my clients.
One in which we gradually ramp up our effort. Continually being mindful to enjoy our forward movement.
Once that base is established, we pick up the intensity. Really start hammering at it, but still remembering to stop once in a while to recoup and enjoy how far we’ve come.
Now that we’ve gained the confidence of all that hard work we know we can handle the task ahead, even if we don’t know all the variables we will face.
Then after we’ve tackled that goal and seen it through, we enjoy what was accomplished. Take a little time to let it soak in, then start planning for the next big endeavor.
Our training is a journey, and every workout should be enjoyed for what it is. One more step in seeing us become someone better than we were.
CFD Endurance is at its beginning. I’m really, really looking forward to the journey ahead.

Train Smart / Live Easy
Ryan aka Speed

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