1st draft of the 16week marathon program.

I wanted to give an example of what else, beside the WOD is included for our athletes. This  stuff is much more than “just running”.

BLOG POST, this is what the posting on our blog will look like. There will probably be a link  to something either educational or motivational, but not much more than this:

2013 CLE MARATHON, Week 1 – SI

4 – 8 x 200m on the 2min recovery

Doesn’t look like a lot, I know. But that doesn’t mean that’s all there is to it. These are my notes, for that same workout.

2013 CLE MARATHON, Week 1 – Short Intervals

Teach Warm Up

    • DROM, spiderman walk, bear crawl, butt kicks, carioca
    • 400m Easy jog
    • 60, 80, 100m Pickups with gradual intensity build.
      • 1min moving recoveries between efforts

Let heart rate get back down while going over POSE

Figure 4 position

      • Neutral Head
      • Relaxed Shoulders
      • Elbows bent
      • Pillar
      • Support knee slightly bent
      • Slight lean at ankle

Running Drills

      • Ball of Foot Hops w/ forward lean 3×3
      • Wall Drill 3×20 each leg
      • Forward Lunge (w/ exaggerated pull) 3×10 each leg

Cadence Drills – 2x through of:

      • 4 x 30sec @ 94 – 96 Cadence
        • rest as needed, perform 1 of above drills
      • 1 x 2min @ 91 cadence


4 – 8 x 200m on the 2min recovery

*STOP! as soon as form starts to deteriorate

Cool Down

400m easy jog

Mobility – Teach

      • Pigeon Pose [hamstrings / glutes]
      • Couch (Wall) [quads]
      • Pole [achilles / calves]

Q & A

    • Review technique and cadence work
    • Make sure email info is correct for everyone = HOMEWORK

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