Jason Womak, productivity expert and guru of time management has a project called The Ideal Day. It boils down to this: Daydream up what you would do in one day, if you could do the things that would make you most happy and fulfilled. Daydream about what one perfect day would look like to you.


Now, why would a time management guru want you to daydream? When you’re daydreaming youre not listening to your teacher, or getting those chores done around the house. You are not productively creating anything. You’re just staring off into space, thinking about the “what ifs” and not taking care of the right now.

That however is the point. To get your brain past thinking about all those immediate things that take up so much of our lives. Those things that don’t leave us the time to think about our future or consciously drive our lives in a direction we want it to go.

Life has a way of sneaking up and just happening. If we don’t consciously think about where we want it to go, then all those things and places and people tend to just slip by because we’re too busy dealing with right now.

You have to be able to dream of something before you can see yourself doing it. It takes imagination, thought, and planning. That is if you want to make it a reality.


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