Programming is going to look a little different. In an effort to make sure WODs are posted in a timely manner, I will be posting all 3 WODs for the week at once.

Our weekly Tue meet-ups will rotate between the Short Interval (SI) and Long Interval (LI) workouts.

Our bi-weekly Sunday meet-ups will not always correspond with the Tempo/Time Trial workout. The Sunday runs are for us to get out and enjoy running together, sometimes this doesn’t involve suffering together.

DO NOT do all 3 Endurance WOD’s the same day, or even on consecutive days. If you are, you are doing them wrong. Don’t understand? Please make a second and talk to me to find out why.

On to the workouts!

8 x 200m w/ 200m easy jog/walk recovery.

Hold all intervals within 2 – 3 seconds. 10 Burpee penalty for every interval outside of range, to be done at end of workout.

2 x 400m & 2 x 1000m w/ 2 min recovery

5 Mile Time Trial

This is an all out effort and should be done on race like terrain.

EVERYONE!!! Needs to perform at a minimum a 5k TT this week. Get after it people!

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