We have a Sunday (9/22) Meet-up this week. It’s going to be special, my friend and owner of Vertical Runner in Hudson, OH is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. There will be a trail run Sunday morning, that will be our meet-up. Come out, meet some new people, run some new trails, have fun, and live easy.

6 x 400m w/ 90 sec recovery

4 x 1000m w/ 3 min recovery

10k @ 95% of Week 2 TT pace

Use Kaitlin’s Percentage Converter for Tempo Efforts:

P + (P x (1 – E)) = G
P = fastest time for the distance. Convert to seconds.
E = Desired effort level in decimal form (90% = .90)
G = Goal time in seconds
Example: 90% of 10k TT Pace
So, if my fastest 10K is 48 minutes and my desired effort is 90% then my goal time should be:
2,880 + (2,880 x .10) = G
3,168 seconds= 52.8 minute 10K

This is a steady state run, the goal is to maintain your pace for the entire run.


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