REPOST / UPDATE 17.01.19


Always learning, ever evolving. We just wanted to update an old post and re-share with veteran followers and new comers alike. We also wanted to update links. In an effort to create the life we have envisioned we have started looking at monetizing what we do.

One passive way to do so is through an Amazon Affiliate Program. Nothing changes for the consumer, your shopping experience and costs are exactly the same. We, aka IRONWillHQ, get a small percentage of each purchase. It’s an easy way to help support what we are doing – providing insight and knowledge. We will write more in the future on the use of Amazon, full transparency, and open honest communication.

We posted our Rules of the Road a couple of weeks ago and have a few more posts on self-care coming your way. We figured giving you a place to pick up the tools needed for your self-care practice would be appropriate. We’ve provided both Affiliate and Non-Affiliate links for each product, if’s there’s only one link it is Non-Affiliate.

I’ve had more than a few conversations lately concerning “self-maintenance.” The conversations have revolved around a minor tweak, a tightness somewhere, or the inability to move in a desired fashion.

Our bodies are really really cool, they can compensate for us not taking care of them for a really long time. There are general warning signs, but a lot of us try to ignore them.

Stop Doing That! Pay attention to them and do something about it.

In my experience a lot of the warning signs that develop are from being in poor positions. Whether that means from constantly sitting at a desk or from a sub par squat form poor position shows up as the culprit for those little tweaks and twinges over an over again.

The solution to poor position is mobility. Simply put : get your body flexible again. Kelly Starett of The Mobility WOD is a Jedi Master and has been doling out knowledge on the subject for 4yrs now. If you have a specific need, search this site. It has a plethora of information.

As for us, we will give you some of our favorite “mobs” and a little bit of prac app from time to time.

For now, go shopping.  Below are links for some needed mobility gear. Don’t worry, it’s not expensive and most you can get at your local sports store.

UPDATE 17.01.19

This post was originally written 3+ years ago. In that time I have continued to learn and refine how I do things and how I communicate them.

One of the things that I have found is Jill Miller’s Yoga Tune Up Therapy balls are magic. Since I was introduced to them by RE Lewis I’ve carried them in my bag everywhere I go. The Lacrosse balls have been abandoned in order and the Tune Up balls took their place. JSpeed even started using them regularly.

Second thing I learned is that people want convenience. So we created a shopping list on Amazon for you :  IWHQ Mobility (Non-Affiliate link) These are the tools we use daily to keep ourselves supple and in good health.

 Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller / (Non-Affiliate link)

Yoga Tune Therapy Balls / (Non-Affiliate link)

Yoga Tune Up Alpha Ball / (Non-Affiliate link)

Yoga Tune Up Coregeous Ball / (Non-Affiliate link)

Below you’ll find our “old” tools, as stated, the Lacrosse balls have gone the way of the DoDo in our house, even the Trigger Point Balls. We’re still rocking the TP Grid Foam Roller, and a resistance band stills comes into use from time to time. But we find ourselves using a yoga block / (Non-Affiliate link) or / and piece of rope or strap more often.

You need to acquire:

  • 1 Foam Roller, this can be a regular foam roller or better yet the plastic core type (Trigger Point)
  • 3 Lacrosse Balls
  • 1 Resistance Band

You can find everything you need from these sites (hint: RogueFitness has all three items)

Dicks Sporting Goods

Trigger Point Systems

Rogue Fitness

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