It’s the final count down! 6/30 will be the day we “open our doors”. We will be hosting group fitness classes out of our garage for the time being. The weather is great, we have a great hill for sprints, odd objects for great challenges and fun work outs, and we are right down the street from great food and drink ( post work out grub).

Starting 6/30 we will host the following classes:
M/W/F – 9am,5pm,6pm
Sat – 8:30am

We will post the work outs on this site as well and will follow a three day on one day off work out schedule. Since we are not “open” every day we will be sure the workouts that are scheduled for the days that we are not “open” can be done in a park or at your home.

Our goal is to offer more classes in the near future. If you know of a coach/personal trainer who is looking for a part time gig please have them email Jen here:

So what will this cost you to join….
We will be offering a punch card option at this time 10 sessions for $100. Email Jen for details on how to sign up and for our exact location.

We are incredibly excited to be back at it and helping people realize their potential and goals!

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