When we are open to questioning any belief, we are open to growth, and sometimes that may mean seemingly contradictory outlooks as new information is assimilated and processed. We view this as a positive thing, following the process, learning, evolving. We look forward to having you along for the journey and all the input you create along the way.
This is the first of what of our new delivery format, please let us know what you think and how we can improve. We are always looking for feedback on what we are doing well, and more importantly what we can do better.



Perform at least 2-3x throughout the week. This can be used in conjunction with your warm-up for both S&C and Running sessions or on their own during “off days”.

Turkish Get Up


Spends some time under tension. Build up to it by doing 1 rep of whatever TGU progression/weight you “own”. Rest as needed then increase reps by one each set until you run out of time or can’t properly perform anymore.


Perform as part of your warm-up for Running sessions in conjunction with other Run/Tech drills you’ve been given.


3x 4:00 of Drills, w/ 6:00 @180 Cadence

Perform Cadence homework in place of one of your 30-minute sessions this week.

Mobility/Self Care

Spend a minimum of 10:00 a day working on mobility and positioning work. This will help keep you injury free and able to perform. Start looking for and finding little 2-3:00 mobility “snacks” during the day if you are finding it hard to dedicate 10-15:00 at one time.

Runner’s Recovery Post

Seriously, read THIS post. Have a plan on how to recover, aka take care of your damn self. (Tip: Short on time just scroll to the bottom and watch either the Runner’s Trifecta or Couch Series video.)


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