Getting sweaty, breathing heavy, heart rate racing is NOT the Holy grail of training. Moving well, with intent and consistency, that is the Holy Grail.

Taking time to practice our movement patterns, imporove our range of motion, and just plain taking care of ourselves should be our default, not after something is broken. Build habits of self care and skill work now, it will pay dividends in the future.



Perform at least 2-3x throughout the week. This can be used in conjunction with your warm-up for both S&C and running sessions or on their own during “off days”.

Jump Rope

10:00 of Jump Rope Practice
Attempt >3-4min barefoot of single skips and single leg skips. Then finish with running in place, forward movement running, and Double-Unders.


Perform as part of your warm-up for Running sessions in conjunction with other Run/Tech drills you’ve been given.


Proper form, posture, Pose; whatever you want to call it. It’s imperative to running efficiently. And efficient running means going further faster.


Spend a minimum of 10:00 a day working on mobility and positioning work. This will help keep you injury free and able to perform. Start looking for and finding little 2-3:00 mobility “snack” during the day if you are finding it hard to dedicate 10-15:00 at one time.

Feet and Ankles

I recently found out that my lack of range of motion in my right ankle (old skateboarding injury) is wreaking all types of havoc on my running form, which in turn is creating all types of havoc in the form of constant niggles and nags. Work on your ROM, be better.



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