Skill & Self Care


Week one of 2018. Lots of shenanigans planned, but the work has to be done first. That means not only the “workouts” but all the other stuff. The self-care and skill work. The nutrition and hydration. All those bad habits we let creep in over the holidays, it’s time to shed them and reinforce the goods ones. Daily mobility, proper hydration, and following the training plan.

If you didn’t  read/watch Don’t make Unicorns sad” you need to make time this week,  then print out your Annual Planner and start looking at 2018.

If you missed the email about Training Peaks, look in your inbox or email me to resend. It’s up and ready for you.

Here’s to a Happy New Year full of adventure, fun, and moving forward in all things!

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2017, wk52 – S&C


Again, this is a big holiday week for most, this means we are taking it easy. One main day of testing the Deadlift, another with some fun C&J work, and then a “Home” session. If you really need more this week do Simple & Sinister, but honestly, I’d rather see you playing a game with your kids or taking the family on a hike and then out for some hot cocoa.

Session 1

W/U – Dynamic

Part A Sets & Reps: 3-4x

  • 5/5 KBS
  • 3/3 Halo
  • 1 Prying Goblet Squat
  • 3 Hip Bridges
  • 5 Push Up
  • 3 Ring Rows
  • 1 Wall Walk

SKILL – Weighted Ring Dip

Sets & Reps: 5-5-5

Notes: Increase difficulty with each set

Superset with Strength warm up sets

STRENGTH – Deadlift, ME

Sets & Reps: 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

Notes: Perform on the 2:00, increasing weight each set.

  • You are working up to a 1-3 rep max FOR THAT DAY. Hopefully, this will be within 100 to 90% of your 1rm. If you PR call it a day, NO MATTER how early in your session it is!
  • If “not feeling it” substitute sets of 3’s for the 1’s and work to a challenging effort.
  • This may be well below 1-3RM, DO NOT get discouraged, just do the work.


  • 800m Run


  • 5 RFT
  • 10 Push Up
  • 5 Broad Jump


  • 400m Run

Notes: Compare to 17.12.11 C/I W3 MM1 – Mod

Time / Scaling Guide: 9:00 – 15:00

Session 2

W/U – Dynamic

Part A Sets & Reps: Row 2x (200m easy w/ 100m hard)

Part B Sets & Reps: 2-3x

  • 2-3x
  • 5/5 KBS
  • 20′ Lunge
  • 2/2 Windmill
  • 20′ Crawl

SKILL – Clean & Jerk

Sets & Reps: Death By at 55% of 1RM

Notes: With a continuously running clock perform:

  • 1 Clean & Jerk in the first 1 min
  • 2 Clean & Jerks in the second 1 min
  • 3 Clean & Jerks lbs in the third 1 min…
  • Continuing this for as long as you are able.


Sets & Reps:



Sets & Reps: 100 Clusters, 95/65lb

  • 100m Run every 2:00

Notes: n/a

Time / Scaling Guide: n/a

Session 3 – Home

W/U – Dynamic


Part B – 3x

  • 5 Air Squat
  • 5 Push Up
  • 5 Ring Row / Strict Pull Up

Part C – 5:0O

  • TGU, Windmill, or Armbar practice

SKILL – xx

Sets & Reps:



Sets & Reps:



Sets & Reps: 12:00

  • Even Minute:
    • 3 KB/DB Clean, 45/30lb
    • 3 KB/DB Thruster, 45/30lb
  • Odd Minute:
    • 10 Burpee w/ 1ft Touch

Notes: n/a

Time / Scaling Guide: n/a