Skill & Self Care


Week one of 2018. Lots of shenanigans planned, but the work has to be done first. That means not only the “workouts” but all the other stuff. The self-care and skill work. The nutrition and hydration. All those bad habits we let creep in over the holidays, it’s time to shed them and reinforce the goods ones. Daily mobility, proper hydration, and following the training plan.

If you didn’t  read/watch Don’t make Unicorns sad” you need to make time this week,  then print out your Annual Planner and start looking at 2018.

If you missed the email about Training Peaks, look in your inbox or email me to resend. It’s up and ready for you.

Here’s to a Happy New Year full of adventure, fun, and moving forward in all things!

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2017, wk52 – Skill & Self Care

Skill & Self Care


It is the end of the year, that time that lots of us reflect on the past and start thinking about the future. If you didn’t read our blog post “Don’t make Unicorns sad” I suggest you meander through it while you are relaxing this week, then print out your Annual Planner and start looking at 2018.

Take it easy this week, enjoy time with friends and family. Have fun! We’ll see you on the other side of 2017.


SKILL Perform at least 2-3x throughout the week. This can be used in conjunction with your warm-up for both S&C and Running Sessions or on their own during “off days”.

BREATH – Seriously, now is the time (if you haven’t already) to start looking at Breathing as a skill. Start practicing now, it will change your life. The Wim Hof Method is a great way to start.

YouTube Playlist | VIDEO


RUN/TECH Perform as part of your warm-up for Running sessions in conjunction with other Run/Tech drills you’ve been given.

CADENCE – Perform your Cadence homework in place of one of your 30-minute sessions this week.

3x 4:00 of Drills, w/ 6:00 @180 Cadence

YouTube Playlist | PDF


MOBILITY/SELF CARE Spend a minimum of 10:00 a day working on mobility and positioning work. This will help keep you injury free and able to perform. Start looking for and finding little 2-3:00 mobility “snack” during the day if you are finding it hard to dedicate 10-15:00 at one time.

FEET & ANKLES – Get your hooves supple. They are no different than any other parts of your body. They’re built out of bone, muscle, fascia, and all those other bits the rest of your body is made of. Take care of them just like you do your tight hips and shoulders.

YouTube Playlist | VIDEO