We believe that eating clean doesn’t have to be complicated or cause you stress. We follow a few simple guidelines that we created based on how our bodies feel, how we want them to continue to feel and, always being curious about where our food comes from.


  1. Read your ingredient list. We try to avoid as much processed food as possible. When we do purchase something with an ingredient list we look to make sure there are 5 or less ingredients, we know what each ingredient is, there is no soy or wheat, and little to no added sugar.
  2. Cook your own food. We cook a lot if not most of our meals from scratch. Food can either heal or harm you. Constant aches, pains, and even autoimmune issues can be signs of poor food choices for your body.
  3. Shop smart. When we shop we shop the outside of the grocery store. Buying whole food ingredients, meaning fruits, veggies, meat, and some dairy.
  4. Treat yourself. We like our treats just as much as the next person but we don’t make it a regular “thing”. Treats are just that, a treat. We don’t use it as a reward for all the good food we eat or how much we worked out – we just treat ourselves. A great example of how we do this… One slice of cake split between the three of us. That is plenty for each of us to have a taste.

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