Several years ago I had a “feeling” that something bad was going to happen after walking past a car parked, on the street in my neighborhood, with several people sitting inside. I brushed it off as me being overly worried/cautious, paranoid even, and didn’t follow through. Shortly after that feeling something really bad happened just down the street from our house. I will never know if calling the police that day based on my gut feeling (and what I saw) would have changed anything but I do know my intuition was incredibly accurate that day.  I felt incredible guilt for not doing anything. I started to recall other times I had gotten this feeling and it was 100% accurate. I got spooked. I shut down my connection to my intuition, unintentionally, because of fear. No one would believe me, what would people think/say, what is this even called. There was so much I didn’t know or understand. Over the last 2 years I have worked my way back to that connection.  I have developed and fostered a new and even deeper connection to my intuition that is rooted in trust. LET’S BE CLEAR, I am not a fortune teller or a psychic. I can’t tell you when you will find the one or what the winning lottery numbers are but I can offer you a perspective you may not have considered.


  • Trained Life Coach
  • 200hr certified yoga instructor
  • Trained Pure Mvmnt Coach
  • Intuitive Oracle Card Reader

Discovery Call

Email us at to book a complimentary call. This gives you the chance to ask all your questions and for me (Jen) to ask a few of my own to get a better understanding of your needs.

Vision & Values or Tune Up


Vision and Values

In this call, we will work to identify your personal values, identify how you are aligned with them in this moment, and begin to view your future from a new perspective.

Tune up

This option is open to current clients who need an additional call between scheduled sessions or clients who have completed their coaching package and need to realign their path.



1x 75-minute call, $85


Together, we will dive deep and discover your personal values, identify and address limiting beliefs, and learn about the inner saboteur. Along the way, you will pick up new tools that will aid you in your journey and help you get out of your own way. Are you ready to live the life you have imagined? Schedule your consultation today by emailing


Three Pack

3x 55-minute calls, $250


Six Pack

6x 55-minute calls, $480

Intuitive Card Readings

Have you ever wondered what energy is guiding you? Or, what message you need to hear right now regarding your love life? What about needing clarity regarding your next steps in your career? Having an intuitive card reading can offer insight into these and many other topics. I find it to be my biggest honor and privilege to read cards! Book your reading by clicking below.


Single Card Pull: $10

Combo Card Pull: $20

Full Year Spread: $40