Living the life you have always imagined doesn’t have to be a dream reserved for retirement at 65+ years old.

What if you could be living that life now?

What if you didn’t reserve living your life just on the weekends?

A few years ago we were asked how we wanted to live our lives. In answering that question we realized that the life we wanted wasn’t the one we had or the one we were headed towards. It hasn’t been easy to make the shifts and adjustments to get to where we are but we are committed to the life we truly envision for ourselves. We created our core values and we use them as our guiding principles in everything we do. One way we do this is to constantly ask if we are overcomplicating a problem, task, purchase, procedure, and on and on.

By simplifying what we own and do we’ve created freedom of time, the one non-renewable in your life.