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Unsure if you’re ready to commit? We understand that’s why we created THIS one week sample of our training practice.


Non-individualized programming has its benefits. Whether used in the offseason to keep you sharp or just the shared (virtual) experience of training together our Group Programming gives you the tools to run and cross-train properly.

train_smart.pngGroup Programming – Lv1

$39 p/4weeks

Cyclical Strength & Endurance programming for a new breed of runner.

Sessions are delivered through membership site access and Training Peaks Premium membership.

  • Cyclical Endurance sessions, 3-5x p/week
  • Cyclical Strength & Conditioning, 2-4x p/week
  • Dynamic Warm Up’s for each S&C session
  • Dynamic Warm Up’s for each Run session
  • Weekly Skill, Mobility, and Run/Tech work
  • Whiskey Business,  private STRAVA Group access



We believe in making things as assessable as possible while still recognizing that time is our most valuable resource. What we have found is that the beginning of the coaching process requires a large demand on time and other resources. The coach needs to get to know the athlete, the athlete needs to learn the protocols, terminology, etc. In short – there are lots of questions the first few months of the coaching process. Because of this learning curve, we have developed a tiered system; trying to make it as simple and effective as possible.



Remote Coaching – Lv1

$225 p/4weeks (weeks 0-12*)

Progressive Bi-Weekly training plan based upon goal(s) and response to training

  • Progressive Endurance sessions, 3-5x p/week
  • Progressive Strength & Conditioning, 2-4x p/week
  • Dynamic Warm Up’s for each S&C session
  • Skill, Mobility, and Run/Tech work
  • Nutrition guidance
    • Daily, training specific
    • Race Day
    • Recovery
  • Gear, apparel, and shoe guidance
  • Weekly Google Hangout or phone call
  • 2x weekly email or texts for questions and feedback
  • Monthly video movement analysis
  • Whiskey Business,  private STRAVA Group access


* The time spent at each level of Remote Coaching can be very individualized. The time frames given are rough estimates from our experience with athletes. Moving to the next level of training will be an ongoing conversation with your coach.