Ryan and Jen Speed are the co-founders of INDIGOWhiskey. They work, play, explore, and dream big together. They challenge each other to see the possibilities in life and to live their passions.

With dreams of traveling and seeing the world but careers and financial constraints that held them back, they set their sights on the life they wanted to live. From that vision, INDIGOWhiskey was created.

Ryan’s coaching is for the body. Primarily for runners, Ryan teaches clients how to continually improve and push their limits through a blend of variable running sessions, simple strength & conditioning, skill practice, and recovery work. His aim is to provide the tools needed to keep you enjoying your running well into the future.

Jen’s coaching is for the soul. As a trained Life and Movement Coach, her coaching will help you get clear on your personal values, assess how aligned your life is with these values, remove roadblocks and recognize limiting beliefs. You will be introduced to tools that will help navigate your inner saboteur that gets in your way of living the life you have imagined.

Both Ryan and Jen aim to help people “level up” in all areas of their life. To live a life that brings them joy, provide the tools to work through the plateaus, and address roadblocks when they pop up.